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AEP 2021 Sale


Get the upper hand on AEP this year with our AEP 2021 SALE! Choose from one of the following and a member of our team will reach out and get started on your order as soon as possible for you!

  1. LOCAL: Real Time Medicare Leads
    $19.99 each (Normally $25)
  2. FULL STATE: Real Time Medicare Leads
    $16.99 each (Normally $20)
  3. AGED: $1 Medicare Leads
    BUY 200 GET 50 FREE
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We Generated Millions of Leads!

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Being one of the foremost authorities in insurance lead generation,  we have several lead types we can generate through our campaigns:

  • Agent Recruitment
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Spanish Final Expense 
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Special Events

Don’t wait. Partner with the agency who knows the insurance world like you do.

What products are you interested in?

Agency Lifeblood - How’s Your Flow?

Lead generation is a core competency here at Secure Agent Marketing. 

The leads we produce are designed to your demographic needs, delivered in real-time, and exclusive to you. Our team is also fully transparent. Want to know the wording on your ad? No problem. Curious as to how much of your budget is left? Your cost per lead? We’ll have that to you shortly.

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