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Get Better Insurance Leads with an Effective Marketing Mix!

Get Better Leads with an Effective Marketing Mix!

Get Better Leads with an Effective Marketing Mix!

Your “marketing mix” is the types of services used to get your message and brand out there.

We’ll talk about utilizing a well-rounded mix to increase your insurance sales.

From YouTube to Google to TV ads, each is part of the mix. When blended in the right way, they make for much higher conversions. One campaign is not a mix, but it’s a start!

YouTube Ads

You’ve heard us mention that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. We highly recommend using this platform for your content marketing strategy

In your videos, those first five seconds are critical. You must capture the viewers’ attention right away, and you can measure success based on the “retention rate”. If you can get a 70% audience retention at 60 seconds (1 minute into the video), that’s really good. YouTube analytics will provide this info. 

Once you find a video that people are watching and liking, you’ll get ideas for how to do a YouTube ad. YouTube ads are an effective way to gain and grow your following and promote events. Then, you’ll get more and more subscribers. Some agents spend $4,000 to $5,000 per month on YouTube ads. You could start with a lower number and work your way up from there.

What’s Cool About Instagram

Instagram stories give you a behind the scenes look at what’s happening. You can include links to register for a webinar, and once you get to “swipe up” level, your Insta game is on point. You can also message prospects directly and connect with other agents who are building their brands.

Email Marketing

We recommend being active and creative with email marketing. One email per week isn’t enough! 

Email a lot. Stay top of mind. Educate on new stuff that’s happening, especially when you have upcoming events and discounts.

The Webinar Model

During these weird times, you can’t do a lot of live events, so webinars are the best way to educate prospects and gain clients. People are hungry for information right now. You can use email lists and various social channels to promote a webinar. We suggest finding a topic that’s relevant to a specific individual, like 7 steps to make $221,000 in 2021. We’ll normally do a go-to Zoom registration page. We’ve seen a lot of people register for a virtual event 24-48 hours before it starts.

Even if people don’t watch the whole thing, you’re still capturing that lead and following up with them. 

About 36% of the people who register actually show up for the webinar. Let’s say you don’t get the turnout you were hoping for. That’s ok, because you have the lead forever. They’re in your email list, you’ve got their phone number, and you can text them. It’s a contact for your sales team.

You can track the numbers and make adjustments as you go.

Be Careful with Traditional Forms of Media

Traditional media (TV, billboard, radio, and direct mail) isn’t bad, but in our opinion, there are more strategic ways to reach people who are turning 65. 

With direct mail, you could be sending a flyer to a random person who has never seen you before. YouTube, for example, lets the prospect see your face on camera, so they can remember the message more clearly and make a personal connection. YouTube also allows you to advertise to your subscribers — those are already interested in your product/service — AND people that are searching for specific insurance content.

We’ve often seen that agents who use digital media have more control over their marketing budgets, which leads to a better ROI. More people are able to see your ads/content, and you can use YouTube and other channels to target specific insurance agents or prospects. 

Unless you’re running a local Medicare or local P&C campaign, consider digital media to get your message across the internet.

Maximizing All the Channels Can Be Hard

We like to refer to the omni channel approach, which are multiple channels that lead to the same goal. 

How do you maximize all of the different channels? How do you keep from spreading your budgets too thin?

You want to do so much marketing that they’re going to see you all day, everyday. Omni-present channels like Instagram allow you to stay in front of people all the time

If they ever want to attend an event, buy leads, have someone manage their FB budget, or video their event, they won’t think of the random dude they see once a month. They’ll contact the guy they see several times a day. You can also get on the phone with the prospect who knows you personally, who views your Instagram or Facebook stories, etc.

Other Channels to Consider

From a B2B standpoint, there’s a huge organic reach available through Tik Tok and LinkedIn

We also picked up a client recently, and we’re managing their Parler paid ads. This is our first Parler account, but the same principles of managing a Facebook ad account apply to Parler.

Final Thoughts!

“The currency of 2020 and beyond is attention. No matter what we spend, we know it’ll pay off later. The more people that know us, the more ability they have to do business with us.” – Cody Askins, co-founder of Secure Agent Marketing. 

You need an audience. When you have the marketing prowess combined with the ability to sell insurance? That’s a dynamic duo.  

What channels are you using in your marketing mix?

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