How Save $10,000 Per Year on Your Marketing

How Save $10,000 Per Year on Your Marketing

Every insurance agent wants to save money on their marketing, but not many know how to do it. In this post, we’ll talk about how to partner with the right people and how a digital agency can benefit you — in addition to that marketing manager you may already have on staff.

If you can execute this, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars on your marketing every year.

Why Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency?

The big advantage of working with an agency, as opposed to doing in-house marketing, is the expert knowledge you get from having a multi-person team available for whatever marketing objective you may have.

At Secure Agent Marketing, we have a director for content, engineering, project management, and sales that all manage a team, along with web designers and videographers on staff.

With our insurance marketing knowledge, we’re able to have an interesting dialogue for each strategy session and client call. Execution requires knowledge.

To get this knowledge, people often do one of two things:

  1. Hire a digital marketing director that has little industry experience, OR
  2. Contact an agency to see what they can do.

We’re going to focus on #2. 

We Use the Right Tools

When you’re considering costs and putting together a digital marketing strategy, you may not account for the different tools that you can access through an agency like us:

Even if you just want one of these tools, it can cost you hundreds of dollars each month. Partnering with Secure Agent Marketing means you get access to the different tools just by creating a user account. 

For example, you might pay $29 per month instead of $299 per month for an email application. There are 50 ways to send an email through your template of choice. Depending on what you want to accomplish, we’ve likely already used the tool that you’re looking into. So having access to those tools is a literal game-changer. 

We Give You Time to Grow Your Business

Next, we give insurance agents the time to grow their business, which should be their top priority! 

If you’re running a text message campaign, you’ll need to confirm whether your clients are opted in to receive texts from you. Will you have to import and export various contact lists to different tools? There simply isn’t enough time to learn everything and still have growth. 

Our expert team will:

  • Come up with a marketing plan
  • Find the tool to execute the plan
  • And write the content to carry out the campaign

Leave the marketing to us. You focus on what really matters.

We Provide Support If Something Goes Wrong

Not everything is going to be smooth sailing. It’s not easy as building a campaign, getting leads, selling the premium, and getting your extra return on ad spend and scaling from there. Understand that your funnels and website are going to break, your lead costs will go up, etc.

What happens if a new TCPA compliance law comes out? You may have to take extra steps to qualify prospects to get the info from you. Are you going to want to manage that? Or trust a team to handle the roadblocks? We’ve been there and done that. 

If something goes wrong, we won’t run and hide. You can count on us to make it right.


Scalability is another important thing you can get through an agency. A rising tide raises all ships. We know if we can adjust the budget to help you double your return on investment (ROI), you’re going to continue to spend more and more.

Secure Agent Marketing brings the right tools and experience to the table, so we can build out these programs for scalability. We work with large call centers to make sure they’re using the right tools to level up. If you have a growing Medicare or FE organization, we can help you continue on that path well into the future.

T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More

We can’t stress enough the importance of having a team. What typically happens is your marketing director will provide the strategy, but they still need to have a team for the SEO content writing, website building, social platform management, etc. This person can’t do all these things by themselves.

When you work with an agency, you’re given the leadership and understanding of what will be executed, along with the team that comes with it. Why pay to have a digital marketing director when you can use a whole team to help solve your marketing problems? 

We Occupy the Bus Seat Not Taken

The best relationships we have in the insurance industry are one where we come alongside the individual digital marketer and be that team for them — along with the balance of giving a strategy and ideas.

We want to try and sit on whatever seat of the bus that’s not currently occupied. For example, if the client has their web presence figured out, we’ll talk about something else, like social paid platforms to generate lead flow. 

About the Internal CRM and System

Another thing that an agency does is sit outside the organization and pump in the leads and marketing contacts into the system (CRM). 

If you have an internal marketing director, are they able to connect the pieces from the marketing strategy into the internal workflow? These are typically two different jobs. It’s very hard for one person to understand the intricacies of:

  • Managing the CRM
  • Managing the email and internal marketing
  • Do the organic content marketing
  • And the Facebook lead management, etc.

Every situation is typically unique, but our job is to help with all of that. We mine the gold. Then, you take that gold and turn it into refined gold bars.

The Bottom Line

To grow your insurance business, you need to get in front of people. To get in front of people, you need to have marketing — good marketing!

That’s why it makes sense to outsource your digital marketing, or at least a portion of it, and have that agency help you scale your business to the next level. 

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