How To Leverage Content Marketing As An Insurance Agent

Content marketing is all about connecting with your audience so they’re not only interested in the purpose of your brand and what it has to offer, but most importantly, the relationship they have developed with your brand. If you’re only focused on making a few quick bucks and bombard your audience about buying your services, promoting clickbait articles or videos, then you’ll lose your audience faster than ever intended.

Follow these simple tips and tricks on how you can use content marketing effectively and keep your audience base secure.

Quality over quantity

The best ways to provide quality content for your website all fall in line with the copy and visuals. The title needs to be simple yet creative and straight to the point. Don’t ever use a clickbait title that has nothing to do with the blog’s actual message because that is a sure way to lose your audience. You can also use this time to develop an effective tone for your brand. 

It is more beneficial to create one piece of content that is extensive and covers the whole topic than to break it into separate pieces. Content seems to be more about word count now or creating a ton of pages of content, and not so much as producing good quality content that educates. 

The website’s visuals should also compliment the copy by making the page itself look professional, yet creative, with call-to-action buttons and interactive images.

Don’t forget keyword research!

Content marketing needs to start with keyword research to understand what keywords and topics Google is saying are being searched most often. Plus, Google shows you competitors. It’s showing you the other articles that Google says are educational pieces of content they want to show to its users. You can look through all the search results and dropdown options, and that’s how you can generate ideas for great content.

You should also make your content both mobile and desktop friendly, and make sure all your links and visuals are correctly displayed. If these things don’t work, that will fall back onto your brand and make it seem as if it is anything but professional. 

Content marketing platforms

Figure out keywords, articles, and set yourself a schedule. At least once a week, do a piece of content. Write the blog, set up a YouTube channel, and shoot a video. The video doesn’t even need to have perfect quality, as long as you have all the information needed that is useful to your audience. The real key to making YouTube videos is to start making them. You’ll get better every single time you hit record.

The number one misconception for insurance agents is they should know everything before they do anything. It’s the same with content marketing. All you need to do is talk about the topic in a conversational format, get it posted, and embed your video and blog onto your website. You can even embed the video into your blog. 

Once you’ve done all that, you can take little snippets of that blog and video and share it on social media or through email marketing. That’s content marketing. It doesn’t matter if your email subscriber list has only ten people on it, or you only have one subscriber on YouTube. You’re creating an engine of high-quality content that will, over time, bring you leads and an audience bigger than what you thought you’d achieve. 

You need to understand the inner workings of how to structure content, the tags, and the little details that matter. That’s what makes all the difference between the video that gets 2,000 views over six months versus the video that gets 20,000 views over six months. There’s even free tools that you can download, like TubeBuddy, which helps you understand tags and titles for your videos.

Key takeaways

Content marketing is a beneficial strategy for building an audience and leads, but don’t abuse it with clickbait blogs and poor content. 

Be a thought leader, especially in the insurance industry, and be committed to long-term success. 

You also need a website to start with. Without a website, you won’t have a foundation for your content, and you shouldn’t use Facebook or YouTube as a foundation. You need to have a central hub that can leverage those platforms. Your best lead generating should come through your website.

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