How to Rank First on Google with SEO

Search engine optimization: the backbone of digital marketing and increasing ranks. It’s key to understanding what all you need to make sure your website is authoritative and relevant on the first page of a Google search. 

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, as long as you’re implementing the right strategies, it should be.

But WHY is SEO so important?

Here’s the thing: 65% of users are estimated to click only on the top 5 results from a search. Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? Then, SEO can put you in the top 5 leads. 

The interesting thing about search engines, though, is that their one and only priority is if users are shown everything that is most relevant to what they searched. So how do you make your brand more relevant?

Use keywords!

When using keywords, you have to implement them with effective website strategies. This means taking those most searched, relevant keywords and adding them in what Google looks at most: your page titles, meta descriptions, headlines, copy, and ALT tags. Then, when a user searches for a specific term, that term could be a keyword that you added into your page titles or meta descriptions. It’s also important to include keywords in the beginning of your paragraphs so it catches the users’ attention.

But, don’t just let keywords be your only strategy. While they are very important, there are still other factors that improve your SEO standing.

Make your website clear and trustworthy

Another key to having a perfect SEO strategy is making your website appeal to users. If your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in many years (both design and content-wise), then the user sees no value and has zero trust in your brand. Give your website a strong foundation with a strong landing page and make the navigation pretty self-explanatory. If a website is too hard to maneuver, then on to the next one they go.

If you write blog content, you should also include links to other pages of your website because this will make it easier for Google to see your site and make it more available to users. The way Google looks at this is they see that your site, for example, has a foundational page on burial insurance, plus 50 blogs about burial insurance. Then they see that all 50 blogs are pointing towards the foundational page, making it 51 pages about burial insurance. Google will check around the area to see who else has 51 pages worth of content regarding burial insurance. The answer is no one. That’s how you get ranked as number one.

Understand how the Internet works!

Pay attention to changes being made on how users can search for brands or services. This includes looking at your competition and seeing what tactics they use to continue their increase in traffic. 

Another part of understanding how the Internet works is knowing that even though there are a ton of search engines you can use to increase your brand awareness, Google currently ranks out as the number one most used search engine in the world with a larger search market than its competitors. Understanding facts and statistics like these should be your go-to when creating and implementing your SEO strategies.

Key takeaways

SEO is long-term, not a short-term strategy. It’s about content marketing, implementing good content on your site, and educating others. That is the heart of SEO. You’re building an asset and being found organically.

If you have a long-term strategy and plan on being in the insurance industry for more than three years, you need to be allocating some budget towards content marketing, SEO, video development, etc. The insurance industry isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme. The insurance industry is a “get-rich-for-sure” if you stick it out, and it’s the same way with SEO.

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