Importance of insurance marketing

Importance of insurance marketing

Many agents say they understand the importance of insurance marketing but, at the same time, put little time or money into it.
That’s, mainly, because it’s a difficult nut to crack sometimes.
However, we’re going to show you the difference a well-thought-out marketing plan can do for your insurance business.

Importance of insurance marketing in lead flow

When it comes to most independent insurance agents, there’s no full-time marketing person in your business.
Even if you’re captive, it’s likely your marketing is centered solely around the carrier you are branded under.
Regardless, you know how hard it can be trying to run your business on the prospecting efforts of referrals and warm market.
Both are fantastic, cheap, supplementary lead flow options.
So, you have likely turned towards purchasing leads which is fine if you can afford it.
What if we told you digital marketing could build a lead flow for you and you could spend less on leads?
Well, that’s exactly what we’re telling you.

Digital marketing and insurance

Don’t groan. What’s the first thing you do when you want more information on a business someone recommends? If you’re like most, you searched it online.
People are doing the same thing when they are looking for your business or your product.
When someone is looking for an insurance agent, they are:

A website should be the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.
Not bought in yet?
How about this statistic produced from research done by Agent Link:

Getting more leads and for nearly 2/3 cheaper? If that doesn’t turn your head, we don’t know what will.

Now what?

So, you now understand the importance of insurance marketing. How can you take advantage of digital marketing for your business?
We want to help you “determine North” when it comes to marketing.
There’s a lot of noise around marketing and most of it is, unfortunately, false or doesn’t actually convert.
However, we spend millions per year on marketing for our other brands and thousands of insurance agents who trust us.
Request a free consultation with us and we can give you an idea of what we would do with your marketing budget.

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