Have a strategy.

Did you know there’s a way to drive inbound phone calls and only pay per phone call? It’s not a telemarketing lead or a live transfer. It’s a Google Ads campaign called “Call-Only Campaigns.”

Google’s Call-Only Campaigns give you the ability to only pay per call made to you through their search results.

Interested in only having insurance leads that call you? We can help you get them, and at a cheaper rate than trying to do it yourself or some other digital marketing agency that isn’t focused exclusively on the insurance industry.

Have a strategy.

How can I generate inbound phone calls?

How it works:

  1. You pay Google to be an ad at the top of certain search terms
  2. Someone searches that term and sees the ad
  3. Google puts a button next to your ad that says “Call Now”

But you still have to have a strategy around your call-only campaign.

Your ad will only have a small space in which to operate. After your URL, you should have a call-to-action (CTA). You only have 35 characters, so you’ll need to write something you think would make someone searching for that term want to call you.

Capture your prospects.

Buyer intent.

You want to capture your prospects when they have the highest level of buyer intent. These type of terms are the ones prospects search when they are looking to make a purchase, find your business, and etc. This is the best use of a call-only campaign because these types of customers are looking for quick answers and an intent to make a purchasing decision. Not continue research.

Also, if you’re only licensed in certain states, don’t let the target anyone outside of your licensing area. It’s a waste of your advertising budget and, if they’re calling in, of your time. Also, you can target places that are more beneficial demographically — higher quality leads.

We operate with you.

Track your numbers.

You want to track the results of your call-only campaign to make sure you are getting a good value for your marketing dollar. You want to track:

  1. Total number of calls.
  2. Quality of those calls — You don’t just want to increase volume of calls, but quality of traffic.
  3. Number of closed calls from the call campaign

Once you have these numbers, you can make a decision as to whether there has been a positive impact from the campaign. You don’t want a negative ROI.

Or, let us handle it.

For real, we can do all this for you and likely generate more leads, with a higher buyer intent, and at a cheaper cost per lead. We’re fully transparent in our process, so you are welcome to check in on your campaign. We’re also better at this than any random digital marketing agency because we are co-founded by both a highly successful insurance agent and a former digital marketing agency owner. So, you’ve got the best of both worlds. And, we only operate in the insurance industry, so we know what your prospects are looking for when they’re searching for insurance.

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