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Insurance marketing strategies for 2019

Insurance marketing doesn’t really appear all that different than any other industry marketing strategies, but it does help to have someone with knowledge of your industry.
So, hopefully you can find this blog more useful than a standard marketing agency’s.
Today, we’re looking at effective insurance marketing strategies relevant to 2019.
It is immensely important to have a budget for this appendage of your business.

Insurance marketing tip one: Effective website

What’s the first thing you do when you hear of a new brand, business, or whatever?
You Google it/them don’t you? Sure you do. Everyone does.
Then they’re going to go digging through your site.
If your website looks like crap or doesn’t direct them correctly to the action you want them to take, they will slip through the cracks.
You need a conversion-based design with gated content and etc. to capture emails and other contact info.
This allows you to nurture those leads or call them right away when they’re in the mood to talk insurance.
A strong website is the most important insurance marketing tool.

Tip number two: Useful content

Think of things someone looking for your insurance product would be searching for.
One way to get organic traffic to your website is to have an SEO-driven blog.
This keeps you top-of-mind and search engines will see your website as an authority in regard to those keywords.
Potential clients will also see you as an expert in that arena if you’re willing to offer free content on the subject.
Another effective tactic would be to have videos paired with the blog.
And who could forget almighty social media?
Be sure all of your channels are branded similarly so they’re easy to recognize as yours by potential clients.

Insurance marketing tip three: Clean up listings

All of your local listings online need to be the EXACT same name.
Not so much as one word of difference is allowed by search engines.
It’s annoying but very important.
So, go through and make sure you claim all of your listings and manage the reviews on them too.
Encourage people to review you. Maybe use an email follow-up to remind your clients to do so.
Be careful with Yelp however, as they have a strict policy on soliciting reviews.

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