delivered in real-time.

Lead generation is a core competency here at Secure Agent Marketing. Insurance agents and agencies both put us on retainer to provide them leads AT COST for a small management fee.

The leads we produce are designed to your demographic needs, delivered in real-time, and exclusive to you. Our team is also fully transparent. Want to know the wording on your ad? No problem. Curious as to how much of your budget is left? Your cost per lead? We’ll have that to you shortly.

This is going to be the best experience you’ve had with lead generation. And because we operate exclusively in the insurance industry, we have this down to an exact science. Let’s grow your business together.

See leads coming in.

Lead generation process with Secure Agent Marketing.

After we discuss your advertising budget, we will get to work on the creatives for your campaign. 

We can target an area 50 miles or less for nearly any lead type in any state. These leads are delivered in real-time and according to your demographic needs.

Our process allows you to acquire as many leads AT COST as your budget will allow in your specified time frame. You will start to see leads coming in, on average, within 48-72 hours.

We operate with you.

What lead types are available?

We have several lead types we can generate through social marketing: 

  • Agent Recruitment
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Spanish Final Expense 
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Special Events

If your line of insurance isn’t listed or you have something else you are thinking of marketing through social media, that does not mean we can’t get it done for you! These things we listed just happen to be the few things we are tasked with the most. So, be sure to submit a request and we can get back to you with more information.

Why Secure Agent Marketing?

Secure Agent Marketing handles over $850,000 in insurance marketing budget each month. We’ve generated millions of leads and have become one of the foremost authorities in insurance lead generation. Because of our transparency and exclusive leads that are delivered in real time, thousands of agents are repeat customers who keep us on retainer. Find out why today!

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