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Through recruiting lead generation, we can help you fill a small office to a large call center with candidates matching your specific requirements.

Our creative team has helped staff some of the largest insurance call centers in the nation. How do we do it? We know what insurance agents are looking for in a career because we work in the industry as well and know what was important to us when we were searching.

So, let’s get your desks filled!

Our process.

Recruiting Lead Generation Process.

After we discuss your advertising budget and whether or not you would like candidates who are already licensed, we will get to work on the creatives for your campaign. 

We can target an area 50 miles or less for nearly any state. Recruiting leads are delivered in real time and according to your demographic needs.

Our process allows you to acquire as many leads AT COST as your budget will allow in your specified time frame. You will start to see leads coming in, on average, within 48-72 hours.

Fully transparent.

Why Secure Agent Marketing?

Secure Agent Marketing handles over $1 million in insurance marketing budget each month. We’ve generated millions of leads and have become one of the foremost authorities in insurance lead generation. Because of our transparency and exclusive leads that are delivered in real time, thousands of agents are repeat customers who keep us on retainer. Find out why today!

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