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Search engine optimization (SEO) is driven by website content, keyword integration into that content, and several, technical tweaks to the back end of your website.

Google and other search engines also change the game consistently. So, it is imperative to have a team that not only stays ahead of the game but also understands how prospects search for insurance products.

Understanding keywords.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of understanding what keywords your business needs to be an authority on in the eyes of search engines and strategically setting up your website to be found for those keywords. It is not as simple as attaching a blog to your website and cramming as many keywords as possible into it. In fact, that could penalize you.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization.

How does SEO work?

We always say search engine optimization stands on two legs: relevance and authority.


Authority is the metric a search engine uses to determine who is at the top of the first page when the user searches for a term. The more authority you have, the closer to the first page and the higher you are on it.


Relevance is a search engine’s metric to determine what websites are relevant to the user’s search they typed out. Relevance gets you on the list.

Search engines do not care whose website they show on the first page. Their priority is making sure their users are getting the best website with the most authority and relevance in regards to their search term. SEO is the process of pushing your website towards the front.

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SEO strategies.

Here are some main items that Google looks at on every page of your website that should be optimized with relevant keywords: 

Page title — A title tag is used on search engine results to display a short preview for a page

Meta Description — This is a description that is typically seen on search results and provides a short overview of a page

H1 headline — This is the first headline on your page and should contain the keyword for which you are trying to gain authority

Body copy — The copy — or words — on your page

ALT tag — The tag on your images need to be keyword-focused as well

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Content marketing as an SEO strategy.

In addition to optimizing your pages for relevant keywords, you must also add supplemental pages. These pages shows search engines you are adding fresh content to your site. Blogging is not enough. The pages must be structured correctly in order to establish your authority.

Search Engine Optimization Services

SEO services offered at Secure Agent Marketing.

Search engine optimization is a critical part of your digital marketing strategy. It’s going to help people find your business in the moment they are actively searching for insurance solutions. Here are the SEO services we find are most effective in insurance marketing:

Directory listing management — We manage your online directories that store information on your business. Some examples are Google My Business, Facebook, Foursquare, Bing, Yelp, Yellowpages, Hotfrog, Superpages, Infogroup, and Best of the Web.

On-site optimizations — Optimizing your existing pages for the keywords you are targeting.

Keyword research — This is where having a partner like us that work in the insurance industry every day is going to come into play. It’s vital to know the search terms prospects are using to look for insurance products. We can point you to the optimal keywords based on strategic research.

Content writing — Relevant content is how you establish authority with search engines. We can write content on your behalf to add supplemental pages to your website. This is another point in which it is an advantage to have a digital marketing company with insurance knowledge. You don’t want someone who doesn’t understand your terminology trying to write content for your website.

Technical SEO fixes — There are a few things search engines will dock you for if they find them on the back end of your website. These may include duplicate content issues, broken internal links, page load speed, etc.

Insurance marketing is a different animal than other industries. Work with a partner that understands your terminology and the keywords you need to attack to generate inbound leads. Start a project with Secure Agent Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Services

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