The Best Way to Get Consistent Marketing Results

The Best Way to Get Consistent Marketing Results

Many marketers have a disjointed approach that includes several different strategies. The more strategies you have, the harder it is to look back and know whether the campaign was profitable. 

It’s essential for marketers to have a clear and concise vision of where they’re going, along with a combo of different resources working together to achieve yearly goals and hit certain benchmarks. That’s what we try to solve at Secure Agent Marketing. Let’s talk about the best way to get consistent marketing results.

Starting and Stopping Campaigns Is a Disjointed Process

Throughout the year, you may have different needs that you use Facebook for. For example, during Medicare’s AEP, a newer agent may want an influx of leads, while a more established agent will want to slow down their marketing because they’re too busy to contact current customers. Instead they want turning 65 leads outside of AEP.

These different needs can cause a disjointed process of starting and stopping campaigns and projects. The agent may become a servant to the here and now rather than executing a strategy that may involve:

  • Organic content creation on YouTube 
  • Facebook campaigns that drive T65 leads
  • During AEP leads
  • Aged leads

What Is a Marketing Retainer?

Many times, the marketing goals of a business is very much in and out of ebs and flows. We’ve created one consistent marketing retainer that solves this problem. 

A marketing retainer is a paid (recurring) agreement between a business and an agency for an array of channels and services.

Our retainer is built throughout the year, based on the scope of work. It keeps us on point with one particular mission in mind. We understand what our current goals are for the quarter and we have monthly meetings to discuss the KPIs. Then, the plan begins to take care of itself.

The Importance of Having One Strategy

We may start and stop a lead flow or a direct mail… but that’s planned for and it’s a part of the marketing process. Currently, we have great relationships with clients. But they’re pausing campaigns and then revisiting things later. However, there should be one strategy throughout the month, quarter, or year to execute the goals.

Consider this. If we have six different clients doing six different things with us, our business is very inefficient. And we must charge for those services. We’d have six different billings and six different goals in mind. 

We want to find a client that understands what we’re trying to accomplish, and use all those different tools — whether it’s content marketing, YouTube development, organic SEO, social leads, etc. Then, you have all the communication with one person and all the products that are working to hit that particular goal. And it’s literally half the work!

Digital Marketing Services: A La Carte

We’ve created an opportunity that’s 50% of the cost if you’re “a la carte” (all the different services we have), and we’ll report on it to show how all the projects are synergizing with the end goal. We can report on a weekly or monthly basis if preferred. 

It has been extremely profitable for us and the client. It creates a great working relationship because there are:

  • Clear expectations
  • Clear deliverables
  • A strategy doc in the beginning (shows monthly work being accomplished)

Choose One Marketer You Can Trust!

The scope is very clear. If the client wants more or less, we can adjust accordingly. You don’t want to find five different lead vendors and three direct mail companies and have another guy that builds your website. Instead, choose ONE marketer you can trust to carry that vision of your business from January to December, and then:

  • Revisit the numbers
  • Develop KPIs
  • Show you the ROAS accomplished with the marketing budget
  • Connect the mail drops to a landing page, and so on.

Connect Your Marketing Pieces into One Strategy

Marketing changes and evolves. Take direct mail for example. While it’s less consistent than it once was, direct mail is still a very important part of insurance marketing. Our team can work with very successful agents that leverage direct mail. We’ll ask them what the URL is on their direct mail piece. 

We can assure you that when you do a direct mail drop, a lot of people are using the flyer to go to your website. We can create a landing page for your direct mail piece — providing a URL — that introduces them to your brand through a video. Then, you have an opportunity to convert them that way.

When that direct mail drop goes out, you’re seeing a huge spike in website traffic and conversions — all because of that URL. Those people are Googling are you. They’re going to try to find something. You might as well make it easy for them to do so! 

So, that’s a case of how we can connect your marketing pieces into one cohesive strategy.

Must-Haves for 2021 and Beyond

In 2021, as you’re looking ahead, you must do the following:

  1. Identify a content marketing strategy 
  2. Have a website that educates users
  3. Find a marketer that you trust, and stick with them!

The emphasis is on #3 here. We know that you need leads. We also want you to understand what it costs to get those leads and get sales. Then, scale accordingly. 

Secure Agent Marketing has managed a $30 million dollar insurance marketing budget. We understand how this industry works. We’d love to work with you in this capacity — it’s cheaper for the client and a better way of doing business.

The Bottom Line

This article and video sum up how we’ve seen the best results with our insurance clients. We’ve had success when we’ve had control of the different services (even direct mail being a part of the spread). 

In conclusion, marketers should keep one particular goal in mind. Then, have a strategy to put all the different pieces together. Also, be consistent with whoever you’re working with. Make sure that your marketer is putting the KPIs in front of you, so you have data to make decisions and connect all the dots. 

Now that you know the best way to get consistent marketing results, it’s time to make your goals become reality. Call (833) 402-4368 to start a marketing project with us. You won’t regret it! 

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