The Ultimate Guide to Generating Leads

Leads not only help generate more traffic to your brand’s website, but they also have the potential to turn into long-term customers. 

But, how do you generate these leads?

Well, ask no more. Here’s the ultimate guide on how you can generate leads for your brand by using engaging and clickable content.

Content Marketing

Content marketing gives users the ability to see what your brand has to offer by providing them with high-quality and engaging content. If you include interactive content, such as links or call-to-action buttons, then the users will be more likely to stick around as they navigate to the landing page and want to invest in any products or services you offer. As long as you’re patient, build a good foundation, and develop a content marketing strategy, you will generate inbound leads for free. 

Of course, you eventually want people reaching out to you asking you to do business with them. Well, if you’re the one that is educating the consumer over and over, you’re going to be the one that gets the first opportunity for the business.

So, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is being searched?
  • What is the hot topic in my particular area?

This will help you generate educational content and create more value to the industry.

Social Media

Not only do you want to increase your following for social media, you want to create clickable content. If you don’t have clickable content, then you won’t have users who are interested in your brand, and you won’t be able to generate leads. So, how do you do this? 

Consistency is key! Your heart really needs to be in the place of educating your consumers. If you’re trying to create content just to try and fish the leads out, it comes across as disingenuous. If your goal is to make as much money before tomorrow, you’re more than likely going to quit or you’re going to buy leads. Buying leads is great for short-term results, but the point of trying to get organic leads is to build your brand and educate the public. To do that, you have to be found on Google.

Google is looking for local professionals to give answers to the local searches. If Google can’t find a local presence, they switch the authority to a national presence within that area. There is a wide open market for people to become a thought leader and authority in the specific market on the keywords you’re going for. You’re not competing against these big carriers when it comes to local keyword research. Google prioritizes local individuals over national businesses.

Now, we’re not saying that one Facebook post or article will get you all the inbound leads you’re looking for, but if you structure correctly, continually educate the market, and put yourself in the position to educate, that will get you those inbound leads.


Just like content marketing, your SEO strategies should boost your website to higher rankings from search results due to strategized placement of keywords within your content. Those specific keywords will promise your users the engaging content they’re looking for. 

Remember: the higher the ranking is for your site, the more leads you’ll generate.

To be found, you have to have the content engine moving and develop gated content strategies, like ebooks. You should also provide a form where your audience can enter their information or email addresses. 

Following these tips is incredibly important to develop your long-term strategies. If your entire marketing budget is going towards buying leads, you’re creating an unsustainable situation because the second you stop buying leads, the engine stops running and you generate no more. 

Overall, buying leads is an important part of the insurance industry, but you also need to carve out a portion of the budget to work on organic lead flow. You want to work towards creating your own marketing funnels to generate your own leads, without having to pay per lead.

About SAM

Secure Agent Marketing has generated millions of leads and has become one of the foremost authorities in insurance lead generation. We offer several lead types though social marketing such as, but not limited to:

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  • Final Expense Insurance
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  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Special Events

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