Our vision

A website’s purpose can vary from one insurance company to the other, but one thing always remains the same.  Prospects, potential employees, and anyone looking to check you out will be visiting your website prior to working with you.  You must make sure your website carries the brand and professionalism that you do. Your website serves as a digital resume. It must be excellent, be found, and communicate who you are as a brand.

Websites are the foundation of your digital marketing plan.  It does no good to drive traffic and people to a website that does not serve its purpose.  Secure Agent Marketing is your source for digital marketing needs with the exclusive slant on the insurance industry.  We only work within the insurance industry.


Some key features
of an amazing insurance website

Call to action focused

There must be ample opportunities for your website visitors to convert in the form of a phone call or website lead.  We want to lead these users to the point of conversion

Mobile Friendly

This is HUGE.  A lot of your traffic will come from mobile devices.  If your website does not load quickly and smoothly on a mobile device you have lost them.  This is a staple in website development.

Clearly laid out and structured content

Your website content matters.  You must speak specifically to your audience and give them the pages they are coming to your website to find.  Then you must supplement that content with additional pages that make you a thought leader on that subject. The easiest way to do that is a blog or video feed.

Ready for Marketing

This is the most important piece.  You CANNOT leverage the paid tools like Facebook, Instagram, and Google before your website is set up to receive that traffic.  Paid traffic is only as good as your website. Businesses have burned through massive budgets to figure this out themselves. Let’s start the right way.

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