Digital marketing

Insurance marketing services for the digital age

Do you want a digital marketing agency that works WITH you, is transparent, and treats your business as if it was their own? That’s Secure Agent Marketing. Our team has worked in the insurance industry, understands the language, and knows how your prospects search for insurance solutions.

Lead generation

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the platforms we specialize in. We can also help you with brand awareness, recruitment, and other campaigns.

Google Ads

Google allows for anyone to pay for inbound phone calls and insurance leads. We know how to properly budget and manage Google Ads for the insurance industry.


Prospects can find you on Google and other search sites without paying per click. We structure your website and content for Google to find it and put you towards the top.

Insurance marketing products and services

We have partnered with small agencies to large insurance enterprises to take care of their search engine optimization, lead generation, website development, brand development, and more. We tailor all of our services to the insurance industry. We understand your world and have a proven track record for delivering results.

$1M/month managed

$1M/month insurance ad revenue managed. That’s right, $1 million in insurance marketing budget each month and it’s growing.

24 team members on staff

We aren’t some fly-by-night digital marketing agency. We have team members dedicated to each portion of a project that are the best at what they do.

We are the authority

We are co-owned by Cody Askins, the largest YouTube insurance coaching channel and we host the 8% Nation Insurance Wealth Conference, one of the largest insurance conferences in the country.

"My agents generate leads at wholesale cost"

“Secure Agent Marketing has done a wonderful job for the agents utilizing this service. My agents generate leads at wholesale cost far below the normal cost for Facebook leads, and have much more control over how the lead looks and what it says. Added to that, they leverage Landon and Cody’s team who has years of successfully generating digital leads on Facebook, so my agents don’t have to take a chance on an agency with little to no experience on effective insurance marketing. I highly recommend Secure Agent Marketing either for the individual agent looking more control of his lead flow, or for the agency wanting to scale up lead flow to satisfy the demands for many agents.” – David Duford,


Need a video, design help, a new logo, or any kind of content done and want to leave it to the professionals? We put out a large amount of content weekly and will gladly help you.


Content Marketing is the process of creating materials such as E-books, infographics, and other downloads. The user puts in their contact information, becoming a lead, to receive your free content.


If you can develop a strong email database of customers and prospects, you can continue to market to that audience repeatedly for, essentially, free.

Website development

Your website is a digital storefront and has to be easy for a user to navigate and request your services. Let us help you generate your own leads today.

Marketing Consulting

We have custom marketing consulting for those who either have a plan in mind that involves multiple or none of the above digital marketing services.

Content monsters

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When you elect to do your insurance marketing efforts through us, it’s not a sale and a “See you later!” situation. We provide transparent reports regarding the services we are providing. Together, we determine expectations so we are perfectly aligned. Also, you will know exactly what we will be using as key performance indicators (KPIs).