Meet the Team

Secure Agent Marketing is successful in large part because of our talented and dedicated team. This group is knowledgeable, has lots of fun, and has created an environment healthy for growth.

Because of our happy and growing customer base, we’ve also grown our team quickly and are adding new people every month. Still, they remain a tight-knit group and accomplish things other digital marketing agencies can only do in their dreams.

Cody: co-founder

Landon: co-founder

Lauren: CFO

Lindze: Financial Manager

Dustin: Google Ads

Josh: Director of Internal Operations

Kaleb: Lead Designer

Keith: Lead Videographer

Kelsey: Customer service representative

Rodney: Sales Director

Bailey: Engineering Director

Bland: engineer

Greg: engineer

Aaron: Sales Representative

Breanna: SEO Copywriter

Brooke: Project Manager

Chris: SEO Copywriter

Chris: Sales Representative

Collin: Sales Representative

Corey: Sales Representative

Jerreth: Web Designer

Jeremy: Sales Director

Jeremy: Web Specialist

Jordan: Sales Director

Meade: engineer

Nathanael: Project Manager

Noah: engineer

Tobi: Director of Marketing Strategy

Travis: Sales Representative

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