Content Marketing for Insurance Businesses

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the marketing term used that defines creating materials for users on your website to engage with.  

This is crucial for the conversions on your website. Here are some examples of content marketing


A guide or resource that users can download on your website by giving you their email address and other contact information.  You can then store these email addresses for future email campaigns or even call them as leads. They have opted in.


These are longer format resources that better explain a topic compared to a 2-5 page PDF usually used in gated content.


If you really want to kick up your thought leadership you can host webinars.  Having a section of your webinars that allows you to market topics and have sign ups for future webinar information.

If what you are looking for with your website is leads and engagement, then content marketing is the service for you.  This is usually done by the more serious digital marketers as it takes more time, planning, and execution than the normal marketing plan.

Secure Agent Marketing can help with all aspects of content marketing.  Strategizing, producing, implementing, or using the content is something that we have a lot of experience in.  Partner with an agency that knows the insurance world in and out to help you establish your lead flow and thought leadership in the insurance industry.

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