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Content Marketing

Time, Planning, And Execution.

Content marketing is a powerful tool to increase conversions on your website and generate leads.

You may not have thought of this digital marketing technique as an option in the insurance industry, but it is.
So…what is it?

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating valuable materials for your website visitors in order to attract them and get them into your marketing funnel.

Here are a few types of content marketing you can use:

Infographics — Traditionally long, vertical graphics that include statistics, charts, graphs, and etc. that are beautifully designed and informative. A bonus, these can be shared on social media or other websites if people find the information valuable.

E-books — These don’t have to be especially long but they do have to be filled with information that people would find enticing.

Videos — Video is the king of content. And it has turned plenty of small businesses into multi-million empires.

Webinars — Having webinars in which you teach your attendees something does two things for you. One, it builds credibility. Two, you are capturing their information when they sign up.

Gated content Gated content is a guide or resource users can download on your website by giving you their email address and/or other contact information. You can use this contact information for future email campaigns or call them as leads because they have opted into marketing communications.

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How to get results

Earlier we defined content marketing as “valuable materials for your website visitors….” The key word in that phrase is valuable. That is the key to getting results in this digital marketing strategy. If it is worth consuming, you’ll obviously see more leads and engagement. This type of marketing takes more time, planning, and execution than other strategies. 

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