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85% of People Search Online Before Doing Business with a Company

Get Found with a Custom Website

When it comes to website development, design and main objective may vary. However, your website is your digital storefront.

Prospects, potential recruits, and others will visit your website prior to working with you. So, what does your website say about you?

Website development must-haves

Your website needs to carry these key features if you want conversions:

Call-to-action focused — There must be opportunities for your website visitors to convert in the form of a phone call or website lead all over your website. Conversion points must be conveniently located and enticing.

Mobile friendly — Have you navigated to a website on your phone and it was hard to read or looked cluttered? Did you purchase from that website or stay on it long? Most would answer no. Statistically, prospects flee from websites if they do not load quickly or look broken on a mobile device. Which could be devastating as a large portion of web traffic is on mobile devices now.

Structured content — Content is king. You must speak specifically to your audience and give them the pages they are looking for. Then, you must supplement that content with additional pages making you an authority on that subject.

Marketing-ready — You cannot leverage paid tools directing traffic to your website if your website is not set up to receive that traffic properly. All that paid traffic will have dreadful conversion rates. So, let’s start the right way.

Ryan Nutter case study

Web Development and Design Case Study

Cornerstone had a very basic website with a lot of white space. The top menu bar only had a “Home” and a “Contact Us” page, and they were looking to upgrade.

Lead generation - for “free”

As an insurance agent, do you pay for leads or cold call? Did you know your website could be an inbound leads machine?

Your website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you structure it the correct way and supplement it with content, you’ll soar up search results and people can purchase, book appointments with you, or just request information.

Importance of a website

A website is the foundation for all of your digital marketing. Every piece of content, all communication, and advertising you put online should be pointing a prospect back to your website.

And if you don’t have a website at all, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities for sales. It has such a lasting value and positive ROI that there’s no reason not to invest in a website. It is the most cost-effective marketing you can do for your business.

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