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Use What We’ve Learned with Social Leads

Social Media Marketing is used to build your brand, increase sales, drive website traffic, and generate leads. 

The major social media platforms through which we do this currently are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Each month we manage over $850,000 of social media marketing advertising budget for our various insurance clients.

It’s not as easy as posting a picture, “boosting” it, and watching the impressions pile up. You’ll need to monitor the cost of the ad daily for lead generation to make sure it’s not increased beyond a healthy ROI.

Final Expense - Case Study

Final Expense - Case Study

FE sales is very competitive because there are many agents in the business and each company has different underwriting standards. Like all life insurance agents, he needed prospects to grow his business. He was looking for a Final Expense lead program that would deliver consistent results.

Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation

We have several lead types we can generate through social marketing: 

  • Agent Recruitment
  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Marketing
  • Final Expense Insurance
  • Spanish Final Expense 
  • Life Insurance
  • Medicare
  • Mortgage Protection

If your line of insurance isn’t listed or you have something else you are thinking of marketing through social media, that does not mean we can’t get it done for you! These things we listed just happen to be the few things we are tasked with the most. So, be sure to submit a request and we can get back to you with more information.

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Insurance Marketing and Social Media

It has become a common practice now to expect advertisements and make purchases through them on social media. Even insurance. 

In fact, this has become one of our core competencies through digital marketing. We have it down to an exact science and can give you average costs per lead that we see on a daily basis. 

We also market our events through social platforms as well as lots of recruitment ads. So, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the social media marketing world or looking for a new digital marketing agency to do so, Secure Agent Marketing is the partner to trust in the insurance industry.

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