Tell them about you.

As an insurance agent, your brand development cannot rely on the carriers you represent. People buy from people they like. So, you need to brand yourself and explain why a prospect should do business with you. If you’re able to accomplish this feat, you’ll be head and shoulders above other insurance agents in your area because many agents we see have not realized branding is important in this industry.

Secure Agent Marketing can help you create a memorable brand and help you learn how to keep it consistent no matter the medium.

Your mission.

Brand Development Process.

Step one of our process is going to be determining how you want to position your brand to differ from the competition, your mission, and your story. We’ll also go over your style, colors, and such. 

Once we do that, we can create your tagline, logos, and all other creatives. Secure Agent Marketing makes this a fairly painless process for you while also allowing you to have creative direction. That being said, if you have no idea and want us to do it all, we’ve done that before too.

Your story.

Why this matters in the insurance industry.

If you think having a website with your carriers’ logos, taglines, and etc. on your website will establish more credibility, you couldn’t be more wrong. Why? Because if they wanted to simply do business with that carrier, they can choose one of the hundreds of thousands of agents that are contracted with that company. What’s going to make you stand out is your individuality. They want to hear why they should choose you over any of the other agents who call them, email them, or mail them something every week. So, tell them about you what you do best on your marketing products. Not what your carrier promises to do for them.

We operate with you.

Why Secure Agent Marketing?

Branding in the insurance industry is important, but it can’t just be, “I’m good at customer service” or any other generic phrase thrown on a business card. This is where Secure Agent Marketing is going to make you stand out better than just any digital marketing company. We know what your prospects want to hear because we too are insurance professionals. Not every digital marketing agency is going to know prospecting in your industry like we do.

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