In the insurance industry, businesses often do not need a full website for their digital marketing needs. Sometimes clients really only need a one page — a landing page — to be developed.

Landing pages can serve the following purposes:

Short term marketing of events and special occasions.

Designed placeholders for a full website that is under development.

Marketing funnel pages that are built for a single conversion purpose.

Many more...

If you’re ready to bring your targeted traffic to a page designed especially for the action you desire them to take, landing page development is a good marketing strategy to take.

A landing page allows you to capture visitors’ information with a lead form. By targeting this page to a specific audience, you can convert a higher percentage of website visitors into leads. This is far more effective than directing everyone to your home page, which has many different options for them to choose causing many visitors will fall through the cracks.

Secure Agent Marketing has published thousands of landing pages to keep us and our customers well-stocked with leads. We know how to design and optimize these pages to convert. Talking with one of our insurance marketing experts is absolutely free, so find out how we can implement landing pages into your marketing efforts.

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