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Plant A Seed and Grow Your Brand

If you are an insurance agent without a website, you are missing out on a ton of opportunities as having a website adds credibility and can provide a source of passive leads. 

With our new development of seed sites, we offer the perfect solution for starting a website from the ground up. You will have all the essential pieces of what you will need as you grow your organic content marketing strategy.

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What are Seed Sites?

A seed site is the fundamentals of what you need in a basic website. When you are ready to invest in your site with extra pages, blog content, video content, etc., you already have the seed planted and ready to develop your content marketing strategy.

We have three template options you can pick from; each of these templates will include three pages of content that we will discuss with you. The best thing about the seed sites, though, is that if you want to add pages to it later on, you certainly can! Once we are finished with standing it up and adding content, we will give you the site, and you will have the flexibility to add or take away pages as you please.

Medicare Case Study: Elevate your agency through effective marketing

Here is how Secure Agent Marketing boosted numbers by focusing on Social and Lead Internet Generation, Website, Videos, Organic Leads, and Media Placement.

It’s Time to Build a Website!

In the insurance industry, there is a huge appetite for educating the consumers in your area. If you are not capturing the local organic traffic, you miss out on so much opportunity to build authority and credibility.

With a seed site, we are giving you the basic foundation of what you can build upon. They are tailored to your brand, your logo, and will represent what you are trying to present to the market. 

This is your site, and you’re in control. Take advantage of it now.

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