About Us.

Since 2015, Cody Askins and the team at Secure has been helping train insurance agents but never had a place to point them for insurance marketing. Until now.

Together, Cody Askins and Landon McCarter, a former owner of a multi-million dollar digital marketing agency, have teamed up to build the insurance industry’s foremost insurance marketing company — Secure Agent Marketing.

Fully transparent.

What is digital marketing.

Digital marketing is all of your marketing efforts that are on the internet. It’s using digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and such to reach prospects and your current customers. 

Secure Agent Marketing is the go-to digital marketing agency for the insurance industry. This is because with Cody Askins’ insurance sales, training, and lead generation background coupled with Landon McCarter’s marketing, website design, and brand development expertise, you receive unprecedented potential for insurance agents’ digital marketing efforts.

We operate with you.

What separates Secure Agent Marketing from the rest.

We understand the insurance industry. Unlike other marketing companies, we actively work in it. 

Our team knows what insurance prospects are searching for, what recruits want to see in an ad, and how to create inbound leads on a website. 

If you’re tired of dealing with other digital marketing agencies who don’t speak our language, you’ve found your partner.

Our mission.

Insurance marketing — an underserved field.

Our mission for all the Secure brands is to help every insurance agent in the world. That’s why we built Secure Agent Marketing. We were fielding tons of questions about insurance marketing — specifically the lack thereof. 

Then, we noticed how it was causing many agencies to have a minimal online presence and knew we had to do something. 

We’ve spent the time and millions of dollars marketing our insurance companies. Take advantage of our expertise so you can focus on selling policies and taking care of your customers. 

Partner with the agency who knows the insurance world like you do.

Don't wait.

Start a project with us.