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Age is Just a Number

Get Leads for as Low as $1

Aged leads can be anywhere from 30 days old to over 90 days old and result from interested customers filling out forms or responding to other sales messages.

With Secure Agent Marketing helping agents secure aged leads, agents who want to lower their costs and their sales competition can certainly do so.

Property & Casualty Insurance - Case Study

Property & Casualty Insurance - Case Study

Many agents are getting into the property and casualty insurance sector, which means the competition is only amping up. To attract new customers, our client needed leads. One way to generate leads — and stand out from the competition — was through a contest-marketing strategy.

Don’t miss out on lower costs

In some cases, aged leads are just as effective as $9 to $10 fresh leads. The only difference is they’re older! In fact, the budget used for buying leads can progress you farther when invested in aged leads.

Aged leads are representations of individuals interested in a product or service but haven’t been sold on it yet. By working these aged leads, you are implementing a cost-effective strategy that can turn this lead into something more profitable.

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Less competition equals more for you

One of the most significant benefits of aged leads is the lower competition rate. Roughly 95% of agents don’t even pursue leads after the first week, leaving the window wide open for you.

With aged leads provided by Secure Agent Marketing, you are the only one contacting the lead with the opportunity of getting down to the nitty-gritty parts as to what the lead has already purchased or why they haven’t purchased anything, period. You have the ultimate advantage.

Why Secure Agent Marketing?

Secure Agent Marketing understands the insurance industry and how it works. That’s why we have several categories of aged leads that you can get your hands on:

Property and Casualty
Life and Final Expense
Under Age 65 and Over Age 65 Health
Mortgage Protection

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