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Using Content Marketing to Scale Your Insurance Business

When it comes to scaling your insurance business, content marketing is one of the ways you can make it happen. The biggest perk that comes from going down the content marketing route is the long-term benefits that come from investing in the marketing. It is completely separate from leads, which allows you to rely less on external sources and begin to create your own leads and overall success. Leads alone are short-term – content marketing is long-term.

Where Do You Start? 

You should go into the content marketing process thinking about your business as the same as any other business, not specifically an insurance business. Growing your brand and business as a business and not as an agent is how you are going to gain success and continuous clients. Keeping your goals, especially in the beginning, catered towards gaining views and brand awareness rather than immediately trying to gain clients or leads is going to make the biggest difference.

Now that you have the right mindset going into the process, you can get started on the content itself. The overarching goal is to create a network of content that is aimed to educate your audience. The content itself should be any information that is new or important for your clients or audience to know. You can stay inside of your specific business’s specialty, or branch out to any insurance-related topics, but you are trying to show anyone who comes across your website or your content that you are knowledgeable about what you are trying to sell. 

Whether it is videos, articles, graphics, or other types of posts, what you are putting out needs to be unique and interesting to you so that it stays genuine. At the end of the day, you know your audience best, and you know what will help them and you in the long run. Even if they aren’t very interested in the content itself that you are putting out, they are going to be interested in how you know your stuff and that you are continuously working to be the best of the best. The key to this is developing a strategy.

How Do You Use Said Content?

Using the content that you’ve created to get results is the catch. Here are a couple of the important components to your content marketing strategy.

  1. Website 

Your website should be the foundation of your strategy and your overall brand. It is the most important piece of the puzzle because all of your content should be being pushed through and able to be accessed through your site. This makes it convenient for your audience – not only can they learn all about what you know and who you are, but then they can easily reach out and talk with you via the place they already are. 

The other perk to using your website as a hub for your content is that it becomes a place for you to collect your own data. You can invest in ways to not only see who is viewing your content and site, but also create income by using price-per-click campaigns. For any of those perks to really accumulate though, you need to be using search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is how you use keywords and tags to make your content pop up when people are searching the internet for information related to your topics. To be effective you have to pick the right terms and keywords, along with placing them in the right places. Choosing what topics and terms you have to be known for in your content and as a brand makes you hone in and get the recognition you are looking for in that area. SEO is the only way you are going to grow your content audience, and it is the best way to increase views on your website. Views can mean more potential clients, but it also can mean cash – both are benefits to you and your business.

  1. Social Media

Social media is the “digital post service” of content marketing strategies. It can send things directly to your followers, and in a better-strategized way than an email chain. One easy way to create that communication channel is through a Facebook group. There are already ones that exist, but using those to your advantage as a way to pull in people who are already interested in your specialty is the best way to accomplish your own growth. Having your own group allows you to have control over what can be posted. This makes it easier for your strategy to stay consistent and intentional. Sending content directly to a group of interested accounts, even when you might also be posting it elsewhere, is a way you can guarantee that you are reaching some of your target audience. 

Outside of direct communication, whether you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform, you want to find a way to post that works for you. That content also needs to stay on-brand and be catered towards your current and future audience. The strongest way to create content that spans across your entire brand and has the potential to reach the most people is by connecting everything you are putting out there. When you cover a topic you should be making a video, an article, and several social media platform posts on that – all of which should be linked back to your website. This allows you to hit different details on the different platforms you are using while still keeping a consistent content effort. 

The other big idea to remember when using social media and creating your content is to be yourself and be a human. Getting lost in the topics and the strategy can be easy, but adding the personal details and the perks of the different platforms makes you more desirable to follow and to do business with. It adds to your brand when you show more of who you are, both inside and outside of your business. 

  1. Asset Development

One other piece you can add to your content marketing strategy is asset development. There are lots of options if you decide to go down this route: from writing a book to claiming copyright or trademark on your content or even creating a system or software for your expertise, you have options on how to create more money for yourself. 

Putting money towards something like writing a book can be scary and costly – but it takes time and trust to get the return on your investment. Having that content that you own and can make tangible is going to establish authority and validate your expertise. Landon McCarter here at Secure Agent Marketing wrote a book and the ROI has been huge. But at the end of the day, no matter what asset you decide to invest in, it can also be a part of building your educational platform and brand. The more things you can put your name on and advertise, the more exposure you have the potential to get.

Content Marketing Strategies = Long-term Investment

Creating a strategy for your content marketing journey can seem complicated, but the strategy itself doesn’t have to be complicated to work. All of the content you are creating and the places it is being put should come together in a cohesive way – that is how you convince anyone who comes across your content that you know what you are doing. 

If you do it well and give it time, it should end up generating organic traffic on your website and then generating organic leads – leads that you aren’t paying any extra money for. Setting up the foundation of these strategies can be expensive but it is the only effective way to really scale your business in the marketing realm.

At Secure Agent Marketing, we can help you with strategizing, producing, or implementing your content. Partner with the digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of the insurance world to implement the marketing strategy you need!