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How To Get Quality Insurance Leads From Your Website!

Getting leads from your site is the whole purpose of what we’re trying to accomplish with paid or organic traffic. We don’t necessarily have to go through an extensive top to bottom list of everything you should be doing to get this process started. Instead, let’s focus specifically on the form fill and what to do to motivate and increase your conversion rate to get the lowest cost per lead with as many conversions as you can if you’re using paid traffic.

Headlines Are a Key Component

The first thing you have to do is make sure there’s an eye-catching headline on your form fill. You also want to make sure it’s above the fold of your website essentially and says something like, “Get a Free Quote Today!”

People searching for a policy just want the opportunity to understand what they’re going to pay. They want to see if they have a good deal, etc., so that headline really needs to be the call-to-action that drives their attention to the actual form.

Why Should They Fill Out Your Form?

The next thing you need to do is help them understand why they’re filling out this form in the first place. Nobody wants to just put their information on a website without understanding what they will get in response.

Whenever you look at the high-end projects that have many hours of development put into it, there typically is some sort of form fill. You can’t just assume the website content alone will be enough to convert everyone into a “Contact Us” type form fill. There needs to be a form fill on the web page to direct the traffic in the right direction once the users have searched what they needed to on your site.

On this example here, it starts off with a large headline and call-to-action, followed by information that gives the user more reasons to fill out the form. Essentially, what’s happening is you’re offering a free quote and showing off the main things that you do as an insurance agency. The content on your website can then supplement those main points and provide the information those users are looking for.

Often, you’re going to have a particular user who will spend a couple of minutes researching and using your site as the source. At some point, they’re just going to say, “You know what, I trust this person. I’m going to go ahead and reach out.” When they decide to do this, you want to make sure the process to reach out is as easy as possible. When they fill the form out, you will also need to make sure that they understand that there’s sort of some time process. 

One of the things that we’ve done is create a progress bar that’s helped with conversion rates, also called a progressive form fill. Many form fills can be super long and unnecessary, so having a progress bar that tracks the progress of the user filling out the form and showing them what percentage they have left to fill out can be very beneficial for conversion rates. People know that not all insurance services are the same, so they understand there needs to be some kind of qualification to get what they want, which is the quote. However, if the form fill process goes on for too long or if it’s really ambiguous, they might bail out of that progressive form fill before you want them to. 

Set Expectations–What Comes Next?

Now it’s time to start setting expectations.

Let’s say a user goes through this form fill. Ideally, there’s some kind of upsell or a “Thank You” page that communicates what’s potentially next.

All this stuff is custom. It doesn’t mean that it has to be done every single time, but if you look at the big brands with millions of dollars of web traffic going through them, they’re taking their users through a form fill process. Then they’ll say, “Thank you, your submission is now complete. Here’s what the next step is going to be.” 

Another thing you can do is integrate “call now” options. There’s a fee associated with that, typically whether it’s per minute or just the integration cost. What can happen is once the form is filled out, an option will pop up saying something similar to, “Thanks for filling out the form. Click now to talk to an agent that’s on standby.” This is an integration that doesn’t come standard on websites. 

Another integration you can do is build in a calendar function where you can accomplish setting up meetings.

The key to all of this is that there’s no higher intent individual on your site than someone who went to your site, educated themselves from top to bottom, and filled out the form. So, the next screen that they have from you is an opportunity for you to say, “OK, what would I like to give this person next, and what would they most likely be interested in engaging with?”

Get Quality Insurance Leads Starting Today!

All of these aspects are really important to implement as you start to grow your online brand to increase your conversion rates and get to where you want to be. If you’re looking for even more ways to increase your insurance leads and their quality, the marketing experts with Secure Agent Marketing can help.