How To Get Started Using Video To Grow Your Business!

If you aren’t using the biggest medium in the world to market yourself, you are leaving a lot of money/business on the table. Here’s why it’s so important to use video to market your insurance business and some tips to help you get started

Does the right equipment matter?

If not having modern and updated recording equipment is the reason you are holding back from marketing with videos, we have some news for you. 

You don’t have to have a studio, lights, microphone, a $3,000 camera, or even a video editor. You can still do a video without all these things and be good at it. All you need is your cellphone and the courage to put yourself out there.

Go back and rewatch the videos once you’ve recorded them. Pinpoint the strengths and flaws you see and keep improving those factors for the next video. 

Tips for creating content

Take the questions that you receive the most from your clients and answer those questions in a video. Or, look at the pages you have on your website and create a video for each of those pages.

You can also research what video titles are effective and which topics are getting the most attention related to the insurance industry you’re in.

Google owns YouTube, the second biggest search engine globally, and the number one most searched video platform. If your goal is to be found, gain organic leads, pop up on Google or YouTube, then posting videos to YouTube should be your go-to strategy and platform.

Should every insurance agent have a YouTube channel?

It doesn’t matter if you sell locally or not, having a YouTube channel can’t hurt! Once you get started with creating videos, it becomes a snowball effect that never slows down. Sure, you may start out small, but the more effort you put into creating and posting videos to educate the public, the bigger your agency and channel will become.

You could even record a video, post it to YouTube, and then share it to Facebook. If you have a decent amount of followers or friends, you’ll get hundreds of views. 

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