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Find Your Marketer: What I Learned Spending Over $1,000,000 A Month On Insurance Digital Marketing And Lead Development

The Best Insurance Marketing Book in 2021

There are some digital marketing books out there, but none of them focus on insurance lead development. Until now! 

Our co-founder, Landon McCarter, is now a published author. His new book, 

Find Your Marketer: What I Learned Spending Over $1,000,000 A Month On Insurance Digital Marketing And Lead Development is hands down the best book on insurance marketing in 2021. He shares his best tips, tricks, and strategies based on 15 years of marketing knowledge and two years in the insurance industry.

The Point of the Book

Anyone who’s crushing the insurance space is killing it for one of these reasons:

  • They are their own marketer
  • They partnered with a marketer, or
  • They found a marketer on their squad

If you’re going to build an insurance business, you must have attention, training, and an understanding of what’s going on. But you also need people to talk to. We can assure you—all the big dogs are spending big bucks on marketing to get in front of people. You cannot dominate a market without marketing!

This book takes high-level, complex ideas and breaks them down to where anybody can implement them. Whether you’re a 300-person call center or an individual agent who needs leads in Idaho, we can help. We have everything in between.

An Overview of the 7 Chapters

Chapter 1: Why You Should Listen to Us

There are a lot of failed insurance agents that are marketers, and there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors (scams) in the industry. If you’re trying to apply general digital marketing knowledge to the insurance industry, it’s going to take you a long time to learn. When you need help with a particular type of insurance lead, we are the solution. 

Chapter 2: The Long and Short of Digital Marketing

There are really two types of marketing whenever you’re coming to spend: 1) short-term lead development, and 2) your long-term strategy—which is how to get organic leads.

The best type will depend on what stage of the business you’re in. If you have more time than money, you need to be on the short-term side. If you have more money than time, you should invest in long-term strategies that are built to educate your audience to get a sustainable drip of high-quality leads. 

Chapter 3: Setting Your Marketing Budget and Why it Matters

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that people either don’t have a marketing budget because they don’t understand what or why they need it, or they’re just aimlessly piecing together a financial plan—throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks. You always need a marketing budget if you’re at any certain scale. 

Chapter 4: The Digital Tools That Everybody Is Using

There are many ideas out there for what works and what doesn’t. Take geofencing, for example. It’s a good idea in practice, but your cost per acquisition will be through the roof and you probably won’t get the web traffic you’re looking for. 

Chapter 5: How the Pieces Connect

Once you understand the actual tools, you can connect the dots. It’s as simple as that.

Chapter 6: How to Track the Metrics

We unpack the main metrics used to gauge the success of the campaign, like your return on ad spend, your cost per acquisition, and your cost per lead. 

Chapter 7: Scaling Your Business the Right Way

This is the fun part! Learn how to scale your business according to what the market share is. The first step is to put all the tools together to get your return on ad spend where it needs to be, and then that’s when you scale. 

You need to scale your agency. The best way to do that is with marketing!

Go Grab This Book

Do you know everything there is to know about marketing in the insurance space? If the answer is no, and you have $14, buy this book!

That’s right. Landon’s new book is available for the price of just one lead. So do yourself a favor, and get your copy today.

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