The Long and Short of Marketing Strategy!

Every insurance agent always thinks about how quickly they can make money right now. Well, to get the ball rolling, we need to discuss the short-term and long-term strategies, and how you can determine which strategy you need.

What’s the budget?

Your budget should determine if a short-term strategy or a long-term strategy is your go-to route, but let’s first discuss what the two involve. 

Short-term marketing is direct mail, paid advertisements, and paid traffic. It’s short-term because we’re focused on cost per lead and closing premiums, all with no long-term benefits because it’s only focused on the immediate response. A good example would be Google Ads or Facebook ads.

Long-term would be more of people working to educate others through content marketing and creating pieces of content today to reverberate through the next couple of years. For example: YouTube videos. You can make a YouTube video today, but it could still be relevant two, three, or even five years from now. You will be continuously getting traffic and leads from a video you posted years ago, all because of its relevancy. Remember, long-term with videos doesn’t always mean you will get a thousand views in one month, but it definitely means you can achieve 100,000 views in five years.

Whenever you’re doing content marketing, SEO, and thinking long-term, you’re not necessarily going to benefit from the budget today as much as you are in the long-term. However, your return on investment dollar-for-dollar will always be better on website, content marketing, and SEO than for short-term lead flow.

Is long-term better?

Short-term strategies are absolutely important, but every insurance agent needs to keep in mind that you want Google to put your website and business in that authoritative position to educate people, and the only way you can truly achieve that is through implementing long-term strategies.

Many people like to start with one strategy. It’s usually a short-term strategy to achieve immediate results. Then, later on, these short-term strategists start transitioning to long-term strategies. If all your budget is put towards your short-term strategy, but none of it is in your long-term strategy, you’re constantly throwing out cash trying to figure out if your lead flow and revenue can outpace your marketing budget, which is the goal, but there are no long-term benefits.

To be successful in your short-term and long-term strategies, you need to understand the power of connecting these strategies: short-term with automation and long-term with social media and content. And, keep in mind that when you start incorporating social media, you’re continuing to foster these leads because they’re not all going to reach out and buy from you immediately. However, down the road, potential leads will begin to see you as the expert you are because of how you continue to brand yourself and educate people.

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