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This Is Why Your Website Is Underperforming!

We talk a lot about creating new content and its importance, but something just as important that can have a significant impact on the number of people coming to your site is optimizing the content you already have.

By making sure your content is up-to-date and optimized, in addition to your content marketing strategy, can really impact the way your site performs.

Here are some helpful tips to follow if your website is underperforming!

Never take down content!

You should never take your content down. EVER. This is because Google is ranking and indexing that content and your domain authority. Your legacy is also built on content that’s on the existing site.

With that being said, just because you leave your content in place, it doesn’t mean that the content is structured correctly. To fix this, the existing pages need to be optimized. Always go through your metadata (page titles, meta descriptions, headings, keywords) to make sure it is set up correctly. This also includes making your sitemap and navigation easy to use and making sure it can be recognized and ranked by Google by having relevant keywords and enough content on each page.

You may also have pages that do not appeal to users or are no longer relevant. You shouldn’t get rid of those either. You can always update the content within those pages to make it relevant or tuck it away and make it private.

Your website is a reflection of your brand

Many people don’t realize that everything you do is a reflection of the brand, and that includes not only the look of your site but also the content within it. If you’re trying to pick what the content of the foundational pages should be, you need to think about what categories your clients would fall in. When you have those prospects in mind, those are the pages you should create.

Once the basic foundational content structure is built out and you start the content engine to create the content and ongoing pages, you can go into Google Analytics and see which page is the highest performing on your site. You’ll more than likely find that your blog posts are the highest performing pages, which means you should take that content and principle and put it on a foundational page.

Rebuilding and redirecting

Rebuilding your website every five to six years is a great way to keep your site updated, relevant, and user-friendly. However, one of the biggest mistakes made is that companies are forgetting about 301 Redirecting! If you’re designing a new website, you can use 301 Redirecting to tell Google that a certain page of content that was indexed with your old URL is now found in this new URL. You will need to do that with every page; otherwise, you will take down your site and kill the authority, causing Google to rank you as a brand new site with no authority.

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