Generating leads through gated content or ebooks

Using Gated Content to Capture Leads (from your website)

Using Gated Content to Capture Leads From Your Website

In the digital marketing world, we like to use a term called gated content or a lead magnet.

It’s another word we use to describe a “soft conversion” — or a tangible piece of information that you can give to those who are looking for help in particular areas.

Unfortunately, we see a lot of people miss the lead magnet section of their website because it’s not easy to do. That’s where we come in.

What Are Some Examples of Gated Content?

If you’re offering annuities, for example, you can have a FREE report to educate people on the retirement income plans or types of annuities on your website. It may be a cost comparison or something of value that you give people — educating them — in exchange for their information. 

Here’s are some other examples:

Generations Insurance Six Common Medicare Mistakes Download image
Your Guide to Buying Medicare Supplement Insurance
Secure Agent Marketing Gated Content

Who Is Gated Content for?

So, you’re working hard by creating content and videos, and you’re getting more traffic to your site. This is great! However, you don’t want to limit your lead generating capabilities to take place when people are ready to talk to somebody. You also want to give people more information and take a further step.

This is why it’s called a soft conversion. The prospect is doing more than just going to your website, but doing less than calling your office. They’re not necessarily “ready” to talk to an agent or ask questions about Medicare Advantage.

What’s the Purpose of Gated Content?

As you’re educating users, you want to be able to move them into your marketing funnel. You need more than just an order form that says “buy from me!” Before some (or many) people are ready to buy, you should create lead magnets to gather their info, add them to email lists and newsletters, etc. 

Educating prospects with gated content is a crucial step that can move potential buyers from the awareness and interest phases to consideration, intent, evaluation, and eventually the purchasing stage. 

The Marketing Funnel

Once you get the user’s information, you can follow up with an email, enter them into your database, and foster the relationship. This gets them closer to the point of buying and it gets you closer to being able to make the sale.

How Does Gated Content Work?

First, you need to create the content, design it and turn it into an e-book format, and implement it into a gated piece on your site. Secure Agent Marketing can help with this.

These people will then see a “guide” or piece of content on your site. Next, they’ll click on the button and provide their information. Then, they’ll be able to download the gated piece in PDF form.

Ideally, agents should have one lead magnet for every type of insurance they sell to speak to that particular audience.

Use Google Analytics to Measure Effectiveness

Once you start to build and implement multiple lead magnets, you can use Google Analytics to see how many conversions you’re getting. For example, if one particular piece is outperforming the rest, you know the market you’re currently serving is hungry for that type of content. Then you can lead toward that product or service.

Insurance is a data-driven business and a data-driven decision making process.-You can look at KPIs such as average session duration (over five minutes is good) and bounce rate (anywhere in the 40-60% range is good). These KPIs will provide insight into whether your lead magnets and other marketing strategies are working and what you may need to improve on.

There’s a specific place in analytics that will tell you how many leads came from the magnet you created. If you need guidance with setting up Google Analytics, we can help.

Producing Gated Content Isn’t Easy — Let Us Help!

The hardest part? The average insurance agent doesn’t know: 

  • What to write the content on
  • How to produce and “gate” it
  • And how to capture leads with it

Our writers and graphic designers have experience in this area. Don’t miss out. Lead magnets are a golden opportunity to do business with people who are interested in what you have to offer!

We Can Post Gated Content for You

We’re experts in content marketing, including gated pieces, e-books, webinars, videos, infographics, and more. No matter your line of insurance, our talented team can produce relevant content that captures leads from your website. Call (833) 402-4368 today! 

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