When to invest in SEO marketing

When to invest in SEO marketing

At Secure Agent Marketing, insurance agents ask us all the time at what point they should invest in SEO marketing.
If you’re new to the digital marketing world, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of building content around a set of keywords for which you would like Google and other search engines to recognize you as an authoritative voice.
For the crowd old enough to remember, we like to relate SEO rankings to the old Yellowpages phone book. SEO optimization makes sure you’re at the top of the page and in the correct section of the book you would like to be in.

How SEO marketing works

SEO is investing in content — blog, correct website structure, and etc. — to slowly increase website traffic over time.
If you’re doing SEO less than six to 12 months at a time and expecting short-term results, you’re doing it incorrectly. It’s a long-term investment. We can also tell you, SEO will also yield the highest return on investment over time.
Here’s why: When I invest in a content marketing strategy and increase my website traffic over time if I cut my SEO budget, traffic would level off and slowly decrease. If, instead, I invested in paid traffic (Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, insurance leads, etc.) I would be immediately be bumped to the top page of that platform and get all traffic immediately. But, if I cut the budget my traffic would go back to zero and I’d be back where I started.
So, I always tell people who have a healthy budget to invest in SEO and paid traffic. But, if you don’t and are looking at short term goals go with paid traffic. If you’re looking at long term goals, building your brand, and building overall traffic to your site go with SEO.

Quality score and SEO

Google gives you a ranking for the keyword you’re trying to buy.
So, if I’m buying paid traffic and driving customers to a landing page on my website and my SEO on that page isn’t as good as another guy, the other guy will get a cheaper price per click.
If you invest in SEO while doing paid, you can increase your paid traffic’s ROI because your SEO is better. It’s all connected.
This is why I always recommend doing SEO in tandem of paid traffic.

If you’d like a free SEO marketing consultation, we work exclusively for insurance agents and SEO is what we do best.

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